At Focus Minerals Ltd we believe in a practical, achievable Environmental Strategy of:

“Working today while delivering responsible and sustainable business practices to protect tomorrow”

It is thus important that managing and safeguarding the environment for both present and future generations forms a vital part of our operations.  We recognise that strong environmental performance is essential to our success and continued growth of the company and are therefore committed to managing our activities to reduce adverse effects on the environment whilst at the same time balancing the economic and social needs of sustainable development.

To achieve this, we dedicate our efforts to:

  • Working together with stakeholders with a view towards maximising resource efficiency whilst at the same time minimising our environmental footprint through careful, practical and cost effective planning and implementation of mitigation measures throughout a projects life cycle.
  • Understanding future operating environments in order to make informed environmental decisions during project planning and design.
  • Maintaining compliance and integrity throughout our operations with regards to environmental legislation, regulations and industry best practices.
  • Implementing control measures where environmental impacts are unavoidable, to monitor, manage and reduce the risks identified.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve environmental management at every stage of exploration, mine development, operation and closure.


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