Health and Safety

workers Health and SafetyFocus Minerals regards the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors as a core business objective. The company is committed to meeting the highest standards of health and safety applicable to the mining industry.

We achieve this by:

  • Complying with applicable health and safety laws, regulations, statutory obligations and other applicable requirements
  • Providing leadership, supervision, information and training to employees to create and maintain an injury-free workplace
  • Creating and maintaining a culture in the workplace whereby all supervisors, employees, contractors and visitors have accountability for maintaining a safe work environment
  • Implementing a safety management system that will provide the framework for integrating safety factors into planning processes and operational decisions
  • Developing public awareness of the health and safety standards and objectives of the company
  • Seeking continual improvement in health and safety management through review, assessment and reporting
  • Communicating policy and procedures to employees, contractors and visitors to ensure awareness of responsibilities in relation to health and safety
  • Maintaining and monitoring health and safety performance indicators
  • Reporting annually to share holders and the community on the company’s health and safety performance.

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